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Spa Nation is one of India’s fastest emerging chain of luxury spas. With Thai Buddha joining in as operating partner, Together it is set to create and operate a brand of repute in India and abroad providing a true blend of international experience and services.

The Brand also plans to set its foot print on foreign soil thus creating a truly international Brand research is in progress to create and expand in London to create our first International venture.

Our rituals are custom made designed to rejuvenate your body, mind and soul. The skilled and trained therapeutics healers re-energise and revive the tired body to rejuvenate your senses.

Our Menu includes Premium Services such as Bamboo Massage, Russian Banaya Massage, Warm Herbal Compress, Melting Candle Massage and the very secretive Karsai Massage. We constantly believe in innovating services.

Our Luxury infused ambiance, aromatic corridors, spa tea lifts up your mood thus giving a complete spa experience.

Our Promoters have in the past spear headed growth and operations while being aligned to several major spa brands across India and spear headed their growth.