Face Whitening

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Whitening Face Pack

  • This whitening pack is an award winning product for instant whitening results, It is packed with 8 benefits as it hydrates, nourishes, soothes, calms, heals, whitens, brightens and lighters the skin
  • Allow us to apply it combined with any massage

Rs 500

Potli Therapy

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Potli Massage

  • A potli is filled with herbs, ayurvedic oils, therapeutic dried leaves and ginger powder, this when warmed up and used to massage the entire body it becomes a very effective treatment for body aches, joints pain and stiffness.

Rs 4000 for 60 min

Candle Therapy

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Candle Massage

  • A massage candle appeals to three of the five human senses, sight, smell, and touch, our therapist will massage with warm and moisturizing melted wax of this burning candle.

Rs 4000 for 60 min

Russian Therapy

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Russian Massage

  • This Massage reduce tension in the muscles. It also works to improve the circulation in the body, Specially designed by our european therapist this massage is our most popular among all.

Rs 5000 for 60 min

Aromatic relaxing therapy

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Aromatic Relaxing Therapy

  • Swedish technique with long strokes incresing oxygen flow and opening up energy channels throughout your body.

60 mins : Rs 3000 I 90 mins : Rs 4500

Dry Therapy

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Thai dry Therapy

  • Pressure point manipulation coupled with passive yogic stretching releasing the tensions and restoration of energy zones of your body.

60 mins : Rs 3200 I 90 mins : Rs 4800

Deep Relaxing Therapy

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Deep Relaxation

  • Increased Pressure to manipulate and soothe strained muscles with special oils taking your pain away.

60 mins : Rs 3200 I 90 mins : Rs 4800

Thai Fusion Therapy

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Thai Infusion Therapy

  • Pressure point Manipulation coupled with special oil soothing your senses while relaxing muscles.

60 mins : Rs 3500 I 90 mins : Rs 5250